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​​MAS received a School Grade of "C" for the 2018-2019 school year

Our goal is to achieve our A status again!

Ask us how

What is a Charter School?  A charter school is a public school managed by a non-profit Board of Directors.  All charter schools are designed to allow more flexibility than standard public schools, although we are held accountable for academic achievement and prudent management by the School Board and the State Department of Education.  For a more detailed information about Charter Schools please visit the Florida Department of Education website.

Which areas does the McIntosh Area School serve? 
We welcome students from the surrounding areas to include other counties.  Please talk with our Registrar for specific questions.  

What does it cost? 
McIntosh Area School is a Marion County Public School of Choice open to all students. There is no cost.

What about parent involvement?
 Every family will be required to contribute 20 hours over the course of the academic year.  These hours can be completed in any number of ways (school events, board meetings, classroom support, campus projects or other opportunties as determined by the principal.  Each family will receive information about these opportunities as they arise.  These volunteer requirements are per family, not per student.

Do students wear uniforms?  Yes, students are required to wear uniforms.  see Student Corner Policy Page

What are school hours? 
Student School hours are from 7:45 AM to 2:20 PM, after-care is available until 6pm.

School office hours are 07:15am to 3:30pm