Charter School Statutes & Statutorily Required Website Information

Excerpt from Florida State Statute 1002.33(p)1:

Each charter school shall maintain a website that enables the public to obtain information regarding the school; the school’s academic performance; the names of the governing board members; the programs at the school; any management companies, service providers, or education management corporations associated with the school; the school’s annual budget and its annual independent fiscal audit; the school’s grade pursuant to s. 1008.34; and, on a quarterly basis, the minutes of governing board meetings.

You may click on each item below to review McIntosh Area School's statutorily required website information:

Academic Performance

*  Names of the Governing Board Members

*  Minutes of the Governing Board

 Name and contact for the representative to facilitate parental involvement

*  Programs at the School

     * ESE and Speech Programs are offered McIntosh Area School for students with an Educational Plan (EPs) and/or Individual Educational Plan (IEPs)   -  Contact the Principal, Mrs. Roach at 352-591-9797

     *  After School Programs

     *  Lunch Program

     *  Runner's Club - Coach Tiffany; Tues 2:20pm to 3:15pm;  Call office 352-591-9797

  *  Annual Budget

*  Annual Independent Fiscal Audit

*  School Grades

*  McIntosh Area School, Inc is a public K-5 Charter School with no management company, service provider, or education management corporation affiliation.