Eagle's Nest

Extended Day Program

Program Coordinator

Belinda Hensley, Fourth Grade Teacher

Hours of Operation


2:20 - 6:00

Morning Care Fees

Daily Fees - $

Morning and Afternoon Fee - 

Aftercare Fees

Daily Fees - $10 per day

Weekly Fees - $50 per week

Early Release Days - Additional $5

Program Guidelines

1. Students must pay for Aftercare in advance.

2. Students must stay in aftercare until an authorized adult checks them out.

3. Parents must come in to aftercare and sign the child out on the attendance form.

4. All school and playground rules apply.

‚Äč5. Students will be required to sit and complete homework before they are given free play time.

Daily Schedule

2:20-3:00 Outside Play

3:00-3:30 Wash up and Snack

3:30-4:15 Homework/Reading Time

4:15-6:00 Activity




                 Thursday -