Uniform Policy

Schoolwide Uniform Policy -- concentrates students on learning & reduces bullying

1. Polo shirt (collared shirt) of any color 2. Tan/Khaki or dark navy blue pants, shorts, skirts/skorts or jumpers 3. School Spirit T-shirts and Jeans/jean shorts (on Friday's only) 4. Closed toe shoes
‚Äč*****Parents should pack a spare set of clothes (and undergarments) in backpacks*****

We do have a Uniform Exchange:  Need one / take one   or    Donate uniform items in good repair 

School Wide Rules:

         1. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself 2. Follow directions 3. Respect yourself and others 4. Be responsible for your own actions Our school establishes clear expectations, reinforces the respect for rules, and provides opportunities for students to learn accountability for their own behavior by consistently applying consequences from the Discipline Policy. The School Wide Discipline Policy is based on the following understanding: Less serious and infrequent misconduct receives less severe consequences.  More serious, frequent or repeated misconduct will receive more severe consequences. The policy covers misconduct in all areas of school. Teachers and staff use these guidelines within their own professional discretion to correct students for misconduct. We encourage kindness, respect and for those meeting school wide rules or helping others receive a "green" for good behavior. 
They can earn "Eagle Bucks" rewards for good behavior (see the Student's Corner).

For behavior that does not meet our school rules, students can be move to "yellow" or "red". Those being in the "red" may be referred to parental calls, conferences or to the Principal.

Each child and circumstance is dealt with individually based on specific information given by the teacher/staff and the student.

Behavior Expectations / Corrective Actions